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I'm a 70 year old former college shot-putter so sports performance,  fitness
and now anti-aging are all very important to me. My research shows that customer satisfaction is very high with these products, so I consider them to be absolutely worth trying. Plus, the manufacturers have been in business since the 90s so they must be doing something right. And, besides, I and a lot of my friends use and love the products.

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Suggested retail price 57.95
Hi-Tec price- 42.95

Men's Health Over 40

Performance GOLD
Suggested retail price 49.95
Hi-Tec price -  39.95
(was 44.95)


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Suggested retail price is 69.95
Hi-Tec price-
47.95 (was 49.95)

Muscle Valley Performance Products


Top Rated Anti-aging
Suggested retail price-79.95
Hi-Tec price-44.95

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Also Great for fitness over 50!

3 for $37 ea

Gentlemen...Restart Your Engines!

Lower prices.
Check out MGF-1 & Performance GOLD

3 for $42 ea

Free Shipping!
on GH-Elite

Suggested retail price is 54.95
Hi-Tec price- 39


What Do I Know About It?
Most of my life has been about exercise and nutrition. I started lifting weights when I was 12. When I was 17 I broke my state's high school shot-put record by 2 feet, which was pretty good since I only weighed 202 lbs(all muscle). I went to college on a full athletic scholarship and did very well. After college I ran fitness centers for many years, first in the Kansas City area and then in Ft. Collins and Grand Junction, Colorado.

When I got started in exercise back in 1960 and for the next 15 or 20 years, specialized sports nutrition was basically non-existent. We had to concoct our own muscle-building nutritional aids. Finally a few companies saw the potential in this area and started the industry, which is now in the billions of dollars per year. Weider was the first big name in sports nutrition, targeting the bodybuilding market.

I've exercised and studied nutrition since 1960. I'm not what I would call an expert in either, but I do know a lot about both and I know good products when I see them. And that's what I offer.